My Very First Post

Welcome to my blog.

When I moved to Virginia 3 years ago, I was initiated into the world of being a stay at home mom. I didn’t miss working one bit and I spent a lot of my free time (meaning boys’ naptime)… cleaning and housekeeping. I said it and now I’m laughing because that has long since changed. A few things have changed, really. I now have another child, this time a girl. (This puts me at 3 kids 5 and under) I sat at a table full of girlfriends about a year and a half ago (girlfriends are another change–every girl NEEDS girlfriends, I once didn’t believe that) and I was asked, “Carissa, where do you find time to read all these books?” With a smile I answered, “I have since stopped trying to keep my house spotless.” When I had a moment, I’d use it for things that I enjoy, like reading. I read feverishly in the bible during that time (something that I aspire to run with again) and in reading I found God letting me know that it really was alright to let perfection become a thing of the past. I was also free to come up with some new things to fill my mind and soul up with. This leads me to my next endeavor…

Always have I loved arts and crafts. I adore painting. I’ve tried to come up with time and space for painting, but that has not been a possibility thus so far since having my firstborn son, Zander. Something about how long it takes oil paints to dry and the stain factor has really put a damper on wanting to dive back in since college. I tell myself I will get back to it, and I hope with all my heart I am right.

A dear friend of mine hand made me a card a couple of years ago for my birthday. I was in love with her creation and wanted to make them, too. She had gone to a friend’s house that had a stamping studio in it to make the card. When she invited me to a Stampin’ Up! party, I was enthralled by it all. I remember looking through the catalog a million times over thinking about what set I would get first. I ended up buying a left over sale-a-bration set called Very Punny.

Card making became a new outlet. I was fantastically in love with making cards, and 2 years later, I still am. I scrapbook, too, although cards are just the right amount of space that fits my time availability.

Stampin’ Up! is an awesome company for a ton of reasons and I am a “demonstrator” for them. If you have never looked at their catalog, it is a must. Hopefully you can sleep after dreaming up ideas all night with it. haha :0)

Check out my Stampin’ Up! webpage :

I’ll be posting my creations and my challenge entries. I’ll also share sites that I highly enjoy and tell harrowing tales of being a stay at home mom. ps. My house is “clean” just not ocd style. AND since last Fall, I watch a friend’s little one during the day… yes, that puts the daily head count at 4! lol. I card make for sanity. 🙂

Will be back with photos of fun! Off to watch a movie!


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