All I Want For Christmas…

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I will admit that I have drafted up more than a handful of blogs but haven’t finished. I’m not a person who loves revise and edit, so each time I think about blogging, the last thing I feel like doing is go through an old one. I consider those brainstorms. I don’t particularly feel like I have anything poignant to say today, but I did read some great posts today from women that wrote what they’d like for Christmas. Zander’s homework this week is to write Santa a Christmas letter. It is only fitting that I write mine, too..

Dear Santa,

This is my Christmas List. I hope you enjoy the Christmas cookies and milk, that is, if I haven’t gotten to it first. I’m giving you refrigerator rights, Santa… because if there aren’t any cookies… it might just mean that I was too tired to make you some. My only request is that if you decide to make the razzleberry pie in the freezer, leave me a piece.

1. A diaper changing robot. Not a fan of wiping butt. I’ve been doing that for 6 years and that would be awesome. I’m thinking I should have asked for this ooohhh maybe 6 years ago.

2. A mute button for the kids when I’m talking on the phone. I try to hide to be able to hear, but they always find me. Maybe they could freeze in place, too because they dig into things when they know I’m not watching. “they” = Adrianna

3. Energy. I could use a zap of whatever it is the kids have. I’ve tried eating candy bars, in the long run they make me mushy and even more tired.

4. The ability to sew. (and all the accouterments) I have a million awesome ideas. I have dreams of fabulous textiles in my home, yet I am a slave to places like walmart and if I save my pennies target. I have a jones for luxurious window treatments.

5. A dog that doesn’t shed, doesn’t wreck things, doesn’t bark, doesn’t bite, doesn’t want to sleep in my bed, doesn’t smell, and cleans up it’s own poo. While the dog is at it, maybe he can cut down the christmas list and change Adri’s diapers too. 

6. Make me into a morning person. That would make things so much easier if I enjoyed getting up and ready in the am.

7. I think this is a super power really… I want the super power to never have a bad picture taken of me. Most importantly the double chin. Ohhh double chin how I despise you…

Well, I think this is a pretty good start, Santa. I didn’t even ask that the kids never get sick, or Adrianna’s hair control itself, or that my roots never show so that I don’t have to realize I haven’t been to the hairdresser in 6 months. Those things can wait until next year. 🙂

Good Girl 4-Eva,



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