It’s been awhile! the house story.

It’s been since February since my last post! That is just crazy! Why have a blog and not update it!? Well, first thing that has gone on since then is our house!! We are in our house. It’s almost as if I need to pinch myself daily. Above and beyond all my wildest dreams, we have this house. Maybe I should explain just a little… Matt and I weren’t looking for a house. We were dreaming of owning a home, right about a year ago. We figured we could pay for a house about what we paid in rent. The problem we found with that, was the schools. They weren’t the best. My teacher friends told me, straight up, they were bad. We also didn’t want to move down in square footage from our rented townhouse, it just didn’t make sense to us. We went and looked at a house last year and it made my heart flutter with excitement. I tried my best not to get too excited since we hadn’t exactly saved a penny for a house, and we aren’t at all rich. It was during that time that we found out that it was possible for us to buy a home when we were pre-approved. I figured we’d get a scarlet letter saying NOOOOOO, you will NOT own a house!!! Instead, it gave us a little hope for when the moment would be right to start looking.

One night, Matt and I were watching the news. We NEVER watch the news. A blip comes on tv about these houses they were building in Chesterfield county and that they were giving a grant for 72,000 towards the purchase of the new home. Matt and I looked at each other during commercial break. I said, “Surely, it’s in the ghetto and they want people to move there to revitalize it or something.” When they came back from break, they mentioned they had a hard time getting people to get the houses simply because people thought it was a hoax. They gave the neighborhood name and we looked it up on the internet. It was right next to Matt’s work! Great schools! We thought surely… the house will still be too expensive for us to afford. The 72,000 off the price…was exactly in our range! There were only 5 and 3 were already spoken for. We called them the next morning and came out to meet the realtors.

Matt and I aren’t the type to be first to anything. Thanksgiving black friday shopping? all the deals are gone. That is sort of how it goes for us, but we’re cool with that, we hate rushing to wait. We gave them earnest money on one of the lots– and we were now waiting… Our house was a lot of dirt at that point, which made it feel even less real (my mind couldn’t wrap around it). The entire time I was reeling thinking, “God you can take this house away, I’ll be ok, just don’t let me get really hurt about this!” God’s been telling me over the past year or so a simple phrase: I will do this for you. He truly worked it out with this house, too. Slowly, the house was built. We had a Winter here full of snow and mayhem, so it went slower than anticipated. I got to pick a few of the things inside the house–carpet color, laminate floors, cupboard stain, countertops.

There were times I was so anxious. I would drive by apartment complexes and say to myself, “better check those out… we may need to move there.” Months of waiting, months of many conversations with God.

The day we closed on the house was even quite crazy. We all had a horrible stomach bug, and when we brought the kids with to signing (had no babysitter) I was holding a puke bucket for Zander. (which he did use in the van, YUCK!)  Why do all our adventures involve vomit? haha. The children ran amok in the gigantic board room (and I just prayed they didn’t puke all over) The lawyers were sooo patient with us–and even doted on the kids.

We moved in March.

We’ve painted a couple of rooms, our bedroom, the breakfast nook and the living room/dining combination room. We’re taking the decorating slowly. (no money and we have all the time in the world at this point!) I want to do the paintings for the house myself. (this is painstakingly slow, but I think it will be awesome in the end) We have a craft room. It’s a dream place for me… I am so not deserving.

So this leads into the bible study I am heading up this summer. It’s a scrapbooking bible study–also known as Faithbooking. I am so excited to invite other women into my home and share creative time and fellowship. I am excited to start using my gift to bless others! I’m sure I will be dually blessed myself just by having those friendships.

All I can say of the whole thing: God is most definitely GOOD.

It’s funny to think about….

when things are going badly, often I say to God prayerfully– “why me?”

and I find that conversely…

when things are going too well, I tearfully and humbly say– “why me?”

I am so loved, and cared for in both situations. Taught to toughen up, taught to trust, taught to listen, taught to run on an empty tank, taught to praise, taught to share joy, taught to be sensitive to others time of need, taught to remain humble, taught to learn patience, taught to stay hopeful, taught to be thankful in a way that brings me to my knees, taught that I am loved– whether in the storm, standing in the wreckage, healing my scars, or basking in the newness and creation in lieu of the storm itself. God sees exactly who I am. Dead set in the eyes. Just like I am, this house is but a vessel. I am bound and determined to use it.


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