Wii Fit

The Wii Fit is a lot of fun. First and foremost, that is the point. After playing for an hour, I find that the only way I could work up a real sweat is by doing a lot of hula hoops, boxing, and the strength exercises. The push ups and plank are cra-zy. What is great about the Wii Fit is that my kids can watch and take turns and laugh through it.

What I also found out with the Wii:

*My scale in the bathroom is accurate.

*It had been over a year since I got on the Wii Fit. And when I saw it on a chart, that I have gained 9.7 lbs since the last time I got on it…man was I upset with myself. I already knew that, but gah! seeing it is pretty painful.

*I’m fairly good at yoga (that is what the wii tells me)

*I’m better at a lot of the exercises than I used to be. I was breaking a lot of my previous records.  I do think that even though I’ve gained some weight, I’m more “fit” than I used to be. Does that make sense? I have worked out more in the last year than many many years combined.

*The Wii dude may be kinda mean, but it really helped me last night when Matt wanted to order a pizza for our snack. I had a small low fat icecream cone instead. No one loses weight eating pizza before bed, I needed that reality check.

*Wii fit will be a great supplement to my workouts 🙂


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