A Card For Each Day 2014

I’ve decided that I need a good kick in the behind to make sure I’m keeping up with my own goals in life. As a mom of 5, there’s always a couple juggling batons twirling in the air. I once had a room for crafts, but it didn’t take long before we filled it with children. Gladly, I will make a girls’ room and move out my creative mess. Now, I have reign over the breakfast nook that we outgrew. It’s my little slice of retreat. Sometimes, it feels like it taunts me as I’m doing chores. “Pssssst, Carissa… When was the last time you made a card?” I want to push over the piles of laundry and ink up some stamps, but I refrain somehow.
So, to my challenge.
365 cards in 2014. Not just made. Actually sent to someone to get something fun. I’m perfectly aware that I will not have time every day, but maybe a few days of making something and a few days off. You’ll hear about it in December if I’ve become a slacker.
So, there lies the challenge.



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