Don’t let them intimidate you

The beginning of the year always brings about a giant push to become healthier and lose some Christmas cookies you’ve packed away at your midsection during the holidays. I see it all over my Facebook and Instagram. Shakes, powders, fitness challenges, motivational posters, and the like.

A friend lamented that it seems like the rail thin people are doing crazy diet and exercise regimes. I think we rolled our eyes in unison.

I get weight loss envy, too. It’s easy to get especially when you’ve been plugging away at it for months, even through the holidays. All of my accomplishments take the back burner and count for less when that “c” word makes its appearance. I’m talking about comparison. (What c word did you think I meant?)

Time to stop comparing.
Time to stop feeling behind.
Time to get off my behind.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s weight loss or another goal, it takes dedication. Focused intensity. Forgiving ourselves when we take a step off track, but willing to get up and try again. And again. And again. And. Again.

This is a little pick-me-up card for just such a moment. With God, all things are possible.



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