For All You Do (a Stampin’ Up! post)

As I wait in eager anticipation for my new in colors to arrive later this week, I bring you a card! This design is inspired by Mojo Monday, a weekly sketch that comes out every Monday. (who woulda thunk?) This card embodies one of my most favorite techniques, which is embossing. The silver flowers are the embossed portion. Embossing is a really easy way to get your card to look in a way that begs for it to be glossed over with a finger. It also looks like it would be something hard to do. Fear not! Embossing is so incredibly easy.

Here are the steps to embossing:

1. pick a stamp. (any stamp will do!)

2. have these tools handy: an embossing/heat gun (found at any craft store, and of course Stampin’ Up! carries one, too!), embossing powder (make sure it says opaque or it will come out clear), and a versamark pad.

3. Ink the image on the versamark. You’ll notice that it’s super sticky feeling and when you stamp, you can’t see the image.

4. Pour generously the embossing powder on top.

5. Tap the excess powder off the image. (make sure not to get a bald spot from tapping too vigorously) If powder is sticking to areas it shouldn’t take a dry paint brush and sweep it off.

6. Set using your heat gun. You’ll know when it’s working when it magically changes color and texture. Be sure not to overdo it, or the shine will putter out and you may even scorch the paper.

It really is addicting, and it really does look beautiful. Essentials are black and white embossing powders. One small tip for you all… dye ink pads will NOT work for embossing BUT you can use any colored pigment ink pad and clear embossing powder and the result is the color of your ink! There are even more little tricks out there, but those are the basics of embossing!

I hope you enjoy the card, I had a great time sitting in the craft room creating while Matt slaved away at shampooing our carpet in the living room. We’re quickly approaching baby time and my nesting is more involved than I can handle myself. 🙂